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McMaster University, Continuing Health Sciences Education
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McMaster University, Continuing Health Sciences Education
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Day 1: Sunday September 30, 2018

1700-1900     Registration and Dinner

1900-1910     Welcome and introductory Remarks (Steinberg, Jones, Shaw)


Session 1:  Energy sensing and AMPK


1910-1940     Steven Britton (University of Michigan, USA): A non-equilibrium thermodynamic approach to energy metabolism and disease

1940-2000     Graham Hardie (University of Dundee): AMPK: A historical perspective

2000-2100     Arrival Reception (Sponsored by the Biochemical Journal)


Day 2: Monday October 1, 2018


0730-0830     Breakfast


Session 2:  AMPK Structure-function relationships 


0830-0900     Bruce Kemp (St. Vincent’s Institute, Australia): Structure function insights into the CaMKK2-AMPK signalling pathway

0900-0930     Karsten Melcher  (Van Andel Research Institute, US): Structural insight into AMPK in different activity states   


0930-1000     Sheng-Cai Lin (Xiamen University, China): Mechanism for aldolase to transmit FBP/glucose starvation to AMPK activation

1000-1015     Kevin Ngoei (St. Vincent’s Institute, Australia): Structural determinants for small-molecule activation of skeletal muscle AMPKa2b2g1 by SC4


1015-1045     Coffee Break

Session 3:  Obesity and Metabolism

1045-1115     Steve Shoelson (Harvard University, US): How obesity desensitizes AMPK: In vivo multi-omics, mechanism studies, and results for safely restoring AMPK sensitivity


1115-1145     Erik Richter (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): AMPK in metabolic regulation and exercise


1145-1215     Dave Carling (Imperial College, UK): Investigating the effect of AMPK activation in vivo


1215-1230     Ian Salt (University of Glasgow, UK): AMP-activated protein kinase complexes containing the beta2 regulatory subunit are upregulated during and contribute to adipogenesis


1230-1330     Lunch 

Session 4:  Diabetes and Metabolism

1330-1400     Rasmus Kjøbsted (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): Role of AMPK in regulating skeletal muscle metabolism

1400-1430     Laurie Goodyear (Harvard University, US): Mechanism for the Beneficial Effects of Maternal Exercise On Offspring Liver Metabolism

1430-1445     Yasuhiko Minokoshi (National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan): Activation of AMPK-regulated CRH neurons in the PVH induces dietary selection for carbohydrate over fat


1445-1515     Coffee Break


Session 5:  Diabetes and Metabolism (Continued) 

1515-1545     Kei Sakamoto (Nestle, Switzerland): Regulation and role of AMPK in liver

1545-1615     Greg Steinberg (McMaster, Canada): AMPK regulation of lipid metabolism

1615-1630     Franziska Kopietz (Lund University, Sweden): Evaluation of the effect of different AMPK activators on glucose uptake in rat and human adipocytes 


1630-1645     Manuel Johanns (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium): Inhibition of hepatic gluconeogenesis by pharmacological AMPK activation

1645-1700     Bruno Guigas (Leiden University, Netherlands), Dendritic cell-specific deletion of LKB1 aggravates high-fat diet-induced insulin Resistance  

1700-1800     Free Time

1800-1900     Dinner

Session 6:  Poster Presentations 

(Sponsored by the Biochemical Journal and the International Journal of Molecular Sciences)

1900-2100       Abstracts 1-30




Day 3: Tuesday October 2, 2018


0730-0830     Breakfast


Session 7:  Cardiovascular Disease 


0830-0900     Sandrine Horman (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium): New insights into the role of AMPK-ACC signaling in platelet biology 


0900-0930     Ming-Hui Zou (University of Georgia, US): AMPK in atherosclerosis


0930-0945     Morgan Fullerton (University of Ottawa, Canada) Therapeutic targeting of macrophage AMPK in atherosclerosis


0945-1000     Uwe Schlattner (Universite de Grenoble, France) Cardiac AMPK and its potential role in doxorubicin cardiotoxicity


1000-1030     Coffee Break

Session 8:  Cardiovascular Disease (continued)

1030-1100     Regine Heller (Jena University ,Germany): AMPK in endothelial cells: regulation and multiple functions


1100-1130     Luc Bertrand (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium): Reduction of O-GlcNAcylation by AMPK, a master event in cardiac hypertrophy inhibition 


1130-1145     Brendan Gongol (Loma Linda University, US): AMPK regulates endothelial miRNA biogenesis through nucleolin  


1145-1200     Vladimir Ljubicic (McMaster University, Canada): The effect of AMPK on the neuromuscular junction  


1200-1300     Lunch 

Session 9:  Aging 

1300-1330     Will Mair (Harvard University, US): AMPK and mTORC1: Shared or Separable Longevity Modifiers


1330-1400     Jay Chung (NIH, US): DNA-PK and AMPK in aging-related decline in mitochondrial function


1400-1415     Justin Crane (Northeastern University, US) AMPK deletion in the epidermis of adult skin leads to stress-induced hyperproliferation  


1415-1430     Manuel Matzinger (University of Vienna, Austria). Identification of AMPK-dependent phosphorylation sites in the transcription factor Nrf2 and their functional relevance in cells 


1430-1500     Coffee Break

Session 10:  Emerging Roles for AMPK


1500-1530     Benoit Viollet (Institut Cochin, France): Contribution of AMPK in the maintenance of intestinal epithelial barrier function


1530-1600     Arnim Pause (McGill University, Canada): The transcription factors TFEB and TFE3 link the FLCN-AMPK signaling axis to innate immune response and pathogen resistance


1600-1615     Xuewen Song (University of Toronto, Canada) AMPK drug re-purposing for experimental treatment of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)


1615-1630     Liting Hang (National University of Singapore): AMPK-PGC-1a axis in neuroprotection – implications for energy deficits in Parkinson’s disease


1630-1645     Pallavi Gurung (Republic of Korea): 5-Hydroxytrptamine induces inflammasome formation and pyroptosis via suppression of AMPK activity  


1645-1700     Shailendra Giri (Henry Ford Hospital, US): AMP-activated protein kinase-mediated regulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome under neuro-inflammation 


1700-1800     Free Time

1800-1900     Dinner

Session 11:  Poster Presentations

1900-2100     Abstracts 31-60




Day 4: Wednesday October 3, 2018


0730-0830     Breakfast

Session 12:  Cancer Metabolism 

0830-0900     Grahame Hardie (University of Dundee, UK): AMPK - tumor suppressor or tumor promoter?


0900-0930     Reuben Shaw (Salk Institute, US): Taking apart the fuel gauge: parsing AMPK effectors from cancer to metformin


0930-0945     Adrien Grenier (Institut Cochin, France): PERK is a novel AMPK target involved in apoptotic response to chemical AMPK activation in acute myeloid leukemia


1000-1030     Coffee Break


Session 13:  Cancer Metabolism and AMPK Related Kinases

1030-1100     Rusty Jones (Van Andel Research Institute, US): Connecting inflammation and tumour progression through LKB1


1100-1130     Daniel Murphy (University of Glasgow, UK): Tumor-protective roles of NUAK1 in MYC-driven cancers


1130-1145     Biplab Dasgupta (University of Cincinnati, US): The dichotomy of AMPK – mTOR signaling in mammalian tissues


1145-1200     Sang-Min Jeon (Republic of Korea): AMPK regulates KEAP1-NRF2 pathway during metabolic stress to promote antioxidant defense in cancer


1200-1300     Lunch 


Session 14:  AMPK activating therapeutics


1300-1330     Robert Myers (Merck, US): The Development and Pharmacology of MK-8722, a Potent, Systemic Pan-AMPK Activator


1330-1400     Russell Miller (Pfizer, US): Skeletal muscle AMPK activation as a therapeutic treatment for diabetes and the cardiometabolic syndrome


1400-1430     Sophie Hallakou-Bozec(Poxel, France):  PXL770, a direct AMPK activator for the treatment of NASH 


1430-1500     Thomas Edlund (Betagenon, Sweden): AMPK activator O304 exhibits beneficial metabolic, microvascular and hemodynamic effects in patients with type 2 diabetes


1530-2100     Bus tour and boat ride to see Niagara Falls followed by dinner at winery with presentation and poster awards and closing remarks            


Day 5: Thursday October 4, 2018

0730-0900     Breakfast


0900-1130     Informal Collaborative Discussions, Touring of Local Attractions


1130              Departure